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Stake and Lobster on Food Stamps

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I can’t beleive how much they give you in food stamps benefits lol.. I could feed like 2 familys with this!! I also can’t beleive how people get in such a tizzy when you use your food stamps to get lobster and stake, I mean what are we supposed to do with the surplus? I mean I know allot of my freinds are useing there stamps to grocery shop for other people and then getting the cash from those people in return, but that seems like allot of work and why not treat myself to some really good food? One of my freinds even gets drugs from his dealer using his food stamps at 50% off the face value, but that seems like a waste when you also get a cash benefit.lobster and steak food stamps

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Updated: 03/28/2017 — 7:27 pm

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