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Some Girls Are So Irresponsable

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I got one of my girlfriends preganent again and she’s the same one that’s all ways procrastanating getting her abortions.. mostly because she wants to drag out getting her WIC for as long as possable because that’s on top of her food stamps and welfare dosen’t count it as income.. and then she sells the WIC food for cigerettes. So she all ways ends up waiting until after the 21 week mark and then we have to jump thru hoops to get one.

You think she would have learnt because this will be her 4th time but she’s all ways putting things off until the last minute.. My other girlfriends get right on top of it as soon as they find out, I wish she was as responsable as they are. Luckily we have gotten to know some of the people pretty well at our┬álocal planned parenthood and there usually nice enough to push things thru a little faster.

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Updated: 03/28/2017 — 8:16 pm

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